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Essay on Motivating Students in Writing Curriculum

Being an effective Instructor of Composition at the community college level requires a variety of skills and talents, many of which simply can’t be taught in formal classroom settings. Facing constant pressure to make judgments that have weighty consequences is just one of the challenges of teaching writing. A writing teacher who is too strict or inflexible can give students the excuse they may be seeking to withdraw or not perform in class. Some students are only too eager to proclaim that they can’t possibly meet high standards in writing, so there is â€Å"no use in even trying.† Putting stringent rules in place for a writing class does not necessarily provide an atmosphere that will foster successful student writing. But being lenient and†¦show more content†¦Which students are just trying to take advantage of a sensitive and compassionate teacher? And it is fair to other students to make exceptions for students with seemingly extenuating circumstanc es? Teaching writing has a way of forcing me to evaluate my principals and ethics on a daily basis. This is an exhausting task. While it could be argued that teachers of all subjects have to deal with this dilemma, the very nature of writing presents a unique situation. Students cannot seem to resist writing a personal essay whether one is requested or not. A teacher of Math or Chemistry is not likely to receive an essay in which personal information is disclosed. Even with my limited years of experience teaching writing in college and high school, I can confirm that students write mainly about what they know. And what they know best is their own lives. Receiving essays and verbal communications of a personal nature-and in turn responding to such offerings---seems to be part of the job. This observation confirms one of the conclusions drawn by Dan Morgan in an essay entitled â€Å"Ethical Issues Raised By Students’ Personal Writing† published in College English in March 199 8. Morgan illustrates some of his experiences as a writing teacher and more importantly, shares with his reader insights about the ambiguous complexion of writing instruction today: The inescapable conclusion is that the very nature of teaching itself has changed, especially inShow MoreRelatedUsing A Educational Article Tasdiq Alam, An Educational Lecturer, And Researcher824 Words   |  4 Pagestechniques validate the essence of not only motivating students, but certifying the leading cause as to why secondary students are motivated. In her research, Alam purpose was to inspire and motivate students through operative teaching practices that incorporates creative ideas. These ideas are to be made for teachers, in order to effectively motivate secondary students while learning the academic curriculum. In the research, the author deliberates on how students are bestowed in miscellaneous ways forRead MoreChildren s Literature Through The Curriculum1104 Words   |  5 PagesIncorporating Children’s Literature Through the Curriculum Literature is extremely important to a child’s learning and development. It allows children to explore different views and experiences. It also sparks questions and in turn leads to new knowledge. â€Å"Educators who believe in reading literature in the classroom and who attempt to integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing across the curriculum describe themselves as whole language teachers† (Kolstad 1). These teachers take the benefitsRead MoreMotivating K-12 Learners in Education 969 Words   |  4 Pagesthat effects students learning ability, causing them to detach from the classroom setting, which later results in failure on standardize tests. Motivation is very essential in education. It implicates the reason of a childs actions and behaviors in a particular way. The theoretical background for this study centers around ways students interest level arises and fails, and what strategies and activities motivates them when learning. Educational researchers p ronounces that students are motivatedRead MoreMulticulturalism in the United States Essay1306 Words   |  6 Pagesseen when a class of students consists of individuals who speak a dozen or more languages. Mike Rose demonstrated these differences by using the diverse ethnic groups seen in the area of downtown Los Angeles. Within a few short blocks one can travel to Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Olvera Street, and Skid Row. His examples of immigrants from China, Italy, and others all shared common deficiencies in literarcy. The newcomers all came to this country with poor reading, writing, and speaking skillsRead MoreEssay on To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee694 Words   |  3 Pageswell and follow the curriculum of their taught subject, but they should also be able to inspire, motivate and discipline their students. Especially a great English literature teacher. A ‘good’ English literature teacher will teach their student the basis of grammar, composition, an d structure then application of English writing. But a great English literature teacher will forever have a lasting impact upon their disciple, a great teacher will be able to provide their students with genuine interestRead MoreRationale for Integrating the Arts1272 Words   |  6 PagesIntegrating the arts across the curriculum is an innovative, yet effective educational process by which students learn through the arts. The programs intent is not to necessarily teach the arts, but to use them within the regular curricula. The activities use art as the catalyst to make learning meaningful and motivating. Students learn best when they are actively learning. The arts provide opportunities in which students are actively involved in learning. Students are more likely to retain knowledgeRead MoreMotivating Your K-12 Students Essay3152 Words   |  13 Pagesthat effects students learning ability, causing them to detach from the classroom setting, which later results in failure on stand ardize tests. Motivation is very essential in education. It implicates the reason of a childs actions and behaviors in a particular way. The theoretical background for this study centers around ways students interest level arises and fails, and what strategies and activities motivates them when learning. Educational researchers pronounces that students are motivatedRead MoreUsing Tablets in Teaching English as a Second Language1191 Words   |  5 Pagestechnology significantly changes the way students and teachers interact. It adds completely new dimensions to classroom interaction by providing digital ink and drawing tools for writing, sketching, and drawing; and for real-time collaboration. Cloud-based solutions have become ever more popular with the students who are continuously looking to deliver synchronized experiences that are device agnostic. The PC Tablet aligns well with this trend, giving the students portability and options for constantRead MoreShould College Courses Be Graded Pass/Fail?1023 Words   |  5 Pagesapprehension, however, is the knowledge base needed for the basic fundamentals of each curriculum, which teachers instruct by motivating students by a grade of comprehension. If students are not willing to take initiative to learn the basics, something has to motivate them. This question applied to the UMUC curriculum shows that same pros and cons. The pros of a pass/fail grading method give more freedom to students to broaden their scope of learning and ease the pressure of achieving what the teacherRead MoreImproving Students Through Communication, Connection, And Collaboration967 Words   |  4 Pagesand interests will be beneficial to the students’ growth in the course. Additionally, these researchers found that facilitating student engagement and motivation, teachers are encouraged to provide constant and consistent feedback which includes questions and activities which spark reflection. Research indicates the process of engaging students through communication, connection, and collaboration is based on what works best for the population of students in the online course (Cavanaugh, Repetto

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The Letter of Complaint Free Essays

Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing to you in order to complain about your package holidays in Greece where I have been last two weeks. On 25 August 2011 from your company I bought a two – week holiday in Greece. Unfortunately, your package holiday was unfaithful and misleading. We will write a custom essay sample on The Letter of Complaint or any similar topic only for you Order Now I am disappointed because everything that was said in your brochure was a lay. When I arrived to Greece I found an overflowing resort with a lot of tourists instead of peaceful island where I had to relax. Moreover, in PTC’s brochure were said that there was miles of empty golden sands but the nearest beach to the hotel was a kilometre away and very rocky. Furthermore, I could reach the mainland with a ferry which ran only three times a week and were very crowded. In addition, your company made a promise that there was a traditional Greek hospitality in a comfortable family run hotel full of a local atmosphere but I could not find the traditional Greek dishes and everywhere was a holiday- camp atmosphere. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your money back. Moreover, I require you to correct your mistakes and do not deceive your clients. Furthermore, I hope you will make me a discount for another holiday package, if liked to go for my holidays. I trust you will ensure that such errors will not happen again. I look forward to your replay and a resolution to my problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone. Yours faithfully, How to cite The Letter of Complaint, Essay examples

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Blackwater Park(2001) by Opeth free essay sample

Ive talked about them before and I will do it again. Opeth, arguably one of the biggest prog gods of today, they are able to combine elements of black metal, death metal and Pink Floyd esque sounds to make something as good as this. Blackwater Park is Opeth`s fifth album and boy is it brutal. With eight tracks mostly in the 8 to 10 minute marks, this album is hard as balls. From tracks like The Funeral Portrait to Harvest, to the title track, their is so much going on, so much atmosphere within that it just makes you want to wake up and smell the roses. I would especially like the tracks Harvest and Blackwater Park. Harvest because it is much different from the rest being clean vocals and nothing but acoustics and drums. Blackwater Park because it is the epic, why else? I cant find anything wrong with this at all, in fact, when it comes to new Opethians, they always begin with either this or Ghost Reveries but let me tell you, this is a much better stepping stone,to Opethian status. We will write a custom essay sample on Blackwater Park(2001) by Opeth or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Do start with this album and if you dont like it, thats on you because this is a great release no matter what. Thanks for your time. I give this album a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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Small Towns vs. Big Cities free essay sample

You can go off of your back porch and see for miles, there are not any high rise apartments of fifty story buildings blocking your way. You can always find a creek to go skip rocks off of, and you will not have to drive very far for that matter. You can also breathe in small towns. You can take in deep breathes of air without getting choked up on smog or rancid exhaust emissions. Small towns may not have all of the amenities to offer someone as much as a large city would, but if you are humble you can go to the great internet and have it at your door on the next business day. Small towns also have the family owned grocery stores. They do not try to swindle anyone out of their money, and most of them know your first name and will stop and talk to you. We will write a custom essay sample on Small Towns vs. Big Cities or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In fact in a small town you often know everyone’s name and what they have been up to, good or bad, and can sit and have a peaceful conversation with them. In small towns you can always see the same old men sitting eating breakfast and drinking coffee at the local diner every morning. You can see people actually working in the field to put food on the table for their families. See them doing the ten dollar jobs that are precious in small towns but get laughed at by city folk.

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Definition and Examples of Situational Irony

Definition and Examples of Situational Irony Situational irony is an event or  occasion in which the outcome is significantly different from what was expected or considered appropriate. Also called irony of fate,  irony of events, and irony of circumstance. Dr.  Katherine L. Turner characterizes situational irony as a long con- a ruse taking place over time. Participants and onlookers do not recognize the irony because its revelation comes at a later moment in time, the unexpected twist.  In situational irony, the anticipated outcome contrasts with the end result (This Is the Sound of Irony, 2015). The essence of situational irony,  says J. Morgan Kousser, lies in an apparent contradiction or incongruity between two events or meanings, a contradiction resolved when the literal or surface meaning turns out to be one of appearance only, while the initially incongruous meaning turns out to be the reality (Region, Race, and Reconstruction, 1982). Also Known As: Irony of situation, irony of events, irony of behavior, practical irony, irony of fate, unintended consequences, irony of existence Examples and Observations Situational irony, sometimes called irony of events, is most broadly defined as a situation where the outcome is incongruous with what was expected, but it is also more generally understood as a situation that includes contradictions or sharp contrasts...An example would be a man who takes a step aside in order to avoid getting sprinkled by a wet dog, and falls into a swimming pool.(Lars Ellestrà ¶m, Divine Madness. Bucknell University. Press, 2002)Not all forms of irony are conscious, intentional or planned. For example, irony also occurs serendipitously through unintended and unexpected circumstances or through the evolution of situations. Situational irony focuses on the surprising and inevitable fragility of the human condition, in which the consequences of actions are often the opposite of what was expected.(David Grant, The Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse. Sage, 2004)[I]magine that a person has invested  a large sum of money in an apparently reliable company while mocking others for failing to take the same  opportunity. Then, the company turns out to be a failure and all the investors money is lost. The situation is ironical for two reasons in combination: (1) there is a mismatch between the investors certainty on the solvency of the company and the real situation; (2) after getting ruined, the investors unwise mockery of those who did not want to undertake any risk makes the investor look foolish. We may observe that, in situational irony, just like in verbal irony, there is incongruity between intention and effect or between belief and reality.(Francisco Josà © Ruiz de Mendoza Ibà ±ez and Alicia Galera Masegosa,  Cognitive Modeling: A Linguistic Perspective. John Benjamins, 2014) Situational Irony in A.E. Housmans Poem Is My Team Ploughing? â€Å"Is my team ploughing,That I was used to driveAnd hear the harness jingleWhen I was man alive?† Aye, the horses trample,The harness jingles now;No change though you lie underThe land you used to plow. â€Å"Is football playingAlong the river shore,With lads to chase the leather,Now I stand up no more?† Aye, the ball is flying,The lads play heart and soul;The goal stands up, the keeperStands up to keep the goal. â€Å"Is my girl happy,That I thought hard to leave,And has she tired of weepingAs she lies down at eve?† Ay, she lies down lightly,She lies not down to weep:Your girl is well contented.Be still, my lad, and sleep. â€Å"Is my friend hearty,Now I am thin and pine,And has he found to sleep inA better bed than mine?† Yes, lad, I lie easy,I lie as lads would choose;I cheer a dead man’s sweetheart,Never ask me whose.(A.E. Housman, Is My Team Ploughing?  A Shropshire Lad, 1896) Situational Irony in Creative Nonfiction Situational irony  abounds in fiction, but its also a major component to many  non- fiction  narratives- if you think about the popular storm books from a couple of years ago, Sebastian Jungers Perfect Storm and Erik Larsons Isaacs Storm, both accounts of these terrible hurricanes deal with the all-too-human disinclination to take nature seriously. Hey, how bad can some wind and rain be? Not going to stop me from raking in the dough.(Ellen Moore and Kira Stevens, Good Books Lately. St. Martins Press, 2004) The Irony of War Every war is ironic because every war is worse than expected. Every war constitutes an irony of situation because its means are so melodramatically disproportionate to its presumed ends.(Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory. Oxford University Press, 1975) Incongruity in Situational Irony Situational irony entails a certain incongruity between what a person says, believes, or does and how, unbeknownst to that person, things actually are. [In Sophocles tragedy Oedipus Rex]  Oedipus vows to discover Laius murderer, unaware that Laius was his father and that he himself is guilty of patricide. Whatever the precise nature of the incongruity involved in situational irony, verbal and situational irony loosely share a conceptual core of incongruity, often tending toward polar opposition, between two elements, such as a semblance of things and reality.Dramatic irony may be further distinguished as a type of situational irony; it is simply when situational irony occurs in a drama. The incongruity is between what a dramatic character says, believes, or does and how unbeknownst to that character, the dramatic reality is. The example in the preceding paragraph is, then, specifically of dramatic irony.(David Wolfsdorf, Trials of Reason: Plato and the Crafting of Philosophy. Oxfor d University  Press, 2008) A Wimbledon commentator may say, Ironically, it was the year he was given a wild-card entry, and not as a seeded player, that the Croatian won the title. The irony here refers, like linguistic irony, to a doubleness of sense or meaning. It is as though there is the course of events or human intentions, involving our awarding of rankings and expectations, that exists alongside another order of fate beyond our predictions. This is an irony of situation, or an irony of existence.(Claire Colebrook, Irony. Routledge, 2004) The Lighter Side of Situational Irony Sheldon: So this is how it ends: with cruel irony. Just as I make the commitment to preserving my body, I am betrayed by my appendix, a vestigial organ. Do you know the original purpose of the appendix, Leonard? Leonard: No. Sheldon: I do, and yet I am doomed while you live on. Leonard: Funny how things work out, isnt it?(Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki in The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification. The Big Bang Theory, 2010)

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A Students Fast Trip to Oblivion

A Students Fast Trip to Oblivion Essay I am so full of regret. In fact, if there is one way to describe how I feel at this moment, its living in hell. I have had sleepless nights for several days, and yet I still havent finished my work for our TV production. From rehearsals, to preparations and editing canned materials, it seems like an endless chain of suffering for a CMS student like me. In our previous production, I failed. And I cried. A lot. Right now, there is only one thing on my mind: hard work doesnt always if ever pay off. If I ever failed at such a magnitude again, Id be devastated. I dont even know if Id survive. Thats how fragile I am. Push me too far and watch me shatter like a brittle sheet of glass. I ask myself if its possible that I chose the wrong degree program? Do I really belong in this CMS group? I dont dont feel as if I do. I dont feel a connection to the teachers, the other students, the lessons or the practicum. I am frustrated and confused; frustrated with myself and confused over why Ive made the decisions I have over the past two or three years. Ive asked God to lead me and lay out an obvious path for me to walk. Show me a sign, an arrow, a lighted stairway anything. So, I lay on my bed, exhausted and worn. I closed my eyes but couldnt sleep. I picked up a romance novel and began to read; my heavy eyelids fighting to close like stubborn window shades. After reading for a while and struggling to stay awake, I found myself laughing at the humor in the novel. The heroine of the story was a romance novelist, and of course, as in every penny-store romance novel, she faced some extreme challenges in her life. There are times when some people critique her work and told her that those are scraps, while others are telling her that she is a good author. But despite all that, she never gave up on her career, because according to her, when you are trying to achieve something, you must do everything. That was 10 years ago. I remembered those times when I feel frustrated and annoyed of what I am doing. It only tells me that this world is truly unfair, and there is no space for justice because for every production that we have, I always put my 101 per cent to it. However, my efforts are useless for it is not always visible in my output. Well, thank God I have shifted from BA CMS to Political Science. Now, I dont have to work for suicidal TV productions. I only have to memorize the Philippine Constitution. I have fought for justice in my country. I have defended those who are accused of crimes, cleared their names and proved that they are innocent. However, the only downside of my career is that, I always eat death threats for breakfast. Sometimes, I am afraid of my familys and my owns safety. However, for years of being a lawyer, I always feel like an empty person. I always feel that there is something lacking in me. I just couldnt figure it out. It seems like I am unhappy of what I am doing right now. I relaxed my mind and body for a while. Then, at the corner of my table, I saw a romance novel. The same novel that I have read 10 years ago. Ten years ago. What could have happened to me when I didnt shift to other course and followed the motto of the lead female character in the story? Being into a broadcast industry is my passion but because I couldnt take the pressure of the work of a CMS student, I gave up. So right now, I feel regretful.

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Real Estate Investment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Real Estate Investment - Essay Example daries include the price of comparable properties in the area, the age of the building, the prominence of the space, the types of tenants located in the vicinity, specific characteristics of the property, economic and physical factors. These are some of the factors that the valuer has to consider in making a decision on the market rent. The use to which the property is to be leased determines the physical factors that are desirable. However, there are some desirable physical factors that will greatly impact the decision of a fair market rent. These include the location of the property, its visibility and its topology. The valuer has to weigh all these factors in deciding on the market rent. The lessee will also take physical factors into consideration in making a decision on whether to accept the property. Lessees are usually attracted to commercial properties that are highly visible from various locations. They want their potential customers to be able to see them. If the area is a busy thoroughfare then the property should be placed in such a way that it can be easily seen. Properties that are located along major commercial highways are great for retail outlets. However, the area of the shop frontage is an important determinant of market rent. A shop frontage with adequate customer parking and one that facilitates the effective and efficient delivery of goods will command a higher market rent than one that does not have these facilities. The topology of the land is also important as tenants and customers want to access the property with ease. The topology that is suitable for a residential property is not suitable for a retail property and so a level area is preferred. The physical condition of the property is also important as well. No tenant wants to operate in a facility that is not being properly maintained. In the general vicinity of the property, the other buildings need to have a good frontal appearance. A good frontal appearance suggests that the area

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Exam 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Exam 2 - Essay Example Restriction on occupying white land was another driver to the revolution agenda. The fact that the colonialists restricted the activities that could be carried out by the people, it was definite that settlement was also unbalanced (Tidal and Shi 77). There were areas restricted to entry and occupation this had to be resisted as it made others feel that they were inferior and sidelined thus triggering resistance that lead to reforms. The weight of taxation fell on the back of the people. This, however, never performed its task as expected by the people. Thus, the re developed zero tolerance to the high and unfair system of taxation. The government had to model an acceptable taxation system. The end result in this case was reforms that were to benefit the people and relieve them of the unfair governance as had been manifested before. Debts to the merchants of Europe prompted loyalty prevalence among the two countries. The resultant event that followed was revolution so as to improve terms of relation. There had to be a good government to ensure proper use and settling of the debt. Thus, the government had to set up reforms in the manner that it was called for. Development of national consciousness throughout due to the advancement in knowledge also leads to the revolution. The people became more aware and concerned about their rights. As a result, they pressed on for issues that they felt were not in order to the positive. This became so massive that reforms were inevitable. The whole system had to do things the right way so that the people could see the benefits associated with every action. The fact that the people became more watchful was a sign of enlighten that played a big role in revolution. Conflict of class also came in as other people were sidelined. The rich felt that this was not the right way to go, they had to find a way of sharing the powers as such they pushed for the reforms. Revolutionary conspiracy took center

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Disease Prevention Measures among African Americans Living in the United States Essay Example for Free

Disease Prevention Measures among African Americans Living in the United States Essay My research explores race-based medicine. Specifically, my research will focus on what preventative measures are available for African American women living in the United States. Among minorities African American women have a higher number of health disparities; psychological and disease oriented. What percentages of minorities take advantage of preventative medicine? What percentage of African Americans are aware of resources made available to them? The growing number of obesity related diseases among African American women has increased more than 23% from 2010 (Nickens, H. W., 2006). Failure to use preventative measures has sparked much concern surrounding the implications and scientific evidence of race-based medicine. Race-based medicine focuses on the current system of public health services because now more than ever. Due to the increasing number of deaths within the African American community there is an expectation from the larger medical community on how to improve medical services that will work more efficiently for African American women. The concern about preventative measures among minority groups focuses on three things; 1) that it meets the needs of the individual, 2) that the service will be free at point of delivery and 3) that once service is received the individual will continue to utilize the service which will increase preventative measures for African American women. Preventative measures of obesity related diseases for African American women are lacking in several areas. Awareness about health systems and services offered are sometimes misinterpreted and therefore discourages African American women to utilize health information and facilities offered to the general public. References Anand, Sonia S. Using Ethnicity as a Classification Variable in Health Research. Ethnicity and Health 4:4 (2003): 241-244. Braun, Lundy. Race, Ethnicity, and Health. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 45: 2 (2009): 159-74. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2006). Recommendations to improve preconception health and health care-United States. The Center for Disease Control, Morbidity and Mortality World Report. Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2010). Obesity: Maternal and infant health research in pregnancy complications. Retrieved from website: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2009, October 2). Quickstats: Prevalence of obesity among adults aged 20 years, by race/ethnicity and sex-national health and nutrition examination survey, united states, 2003-2006. Retrieved from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2011). Black or African American populations. Retrieved from: Institute of Medicine (IOM). (2009). Weight gain du ring pregnancy: Reexamining the guidelines. Retrieved from The National Academy of Sciences website: Nickens, N. W. (2006). Health Affairs: Health promotion and disease prevention among Minorities. Vol (9), no. 2: 133-143. Doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.9.2.133 Siega-Riz, A. M., King, J. (2009). American Dietetic Position Paper. Obesity, reproduction, and pregnancy. Journal of American Dietetic Association, 109 (4), 918-927. Stothard, K., Tennant, P., Bell, R., Rankin, J. (2009). Maternal overweight and obesity and the risk of congenital anomalies: A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA, 301(6), 636-650. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). (2011). Maternal, infant and child health. Retrieved from website: Weiss, J., Malone, F., Emig, D., Ball, R., Nyberg, D., Comstock, C. (2004). Obesity, obstetric complications and cesarean delivery rate: A population-based screening study. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 190(4), 1091-1097.

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From Element to Riches Essay -- essays research papers fc

From Element to Riches A diamond in a sense is the most communal, elegantly, used jewel used in circulation today. Do people in actuality understand the concept and edifice of this mineral? A diamond is known as the hardest rock in existence and to most of the world it is a piece of jewelry, but do we know what the chemical composition of a rock and how is it formed? A diamond in actuality is carbon in its most concentrated form. While a few diamonds may have trace impurities such as boron or nitrogen, most diamonds are composed mostly of carbon. Carbon is a chemical that is fundamental in the process of life and used in various amounts of ways on the Earths surface. In diamonds, carbon atoms share all four valance electrons with adjacent carbon atoms, which form a tetrahedral unit. The covalent bond that is formed in this process is responsible for many of the diamonds superlative properties. As a result of the highly symmetrical arrangement of eight atoms that are fundamentally arranged in a repeating structural unit diamond crystals can form a variety of different shapes known as crystal habits. The octahedron is the most common of these crystal habits, but others include cubes dodecahedra and combinations of theses shapes. All however, are manifestations of the cubic crystal system to which the mineral diamond belongs. Diamond crystals t hat are real do not have entirely smooth faces which can be seen in the trigons that reflect the subtle changes of height in the diamonds face. However some raised trigons that point the same direction as the crystal face can occur from dissolution, etching, and the crystals natural growth. Another notable property that the diamond is well known for is its hardness. Diamonds are the hardest substance known, receiving a ten on Moh’s hardness scale. While diamonds are not fragile or prone to breaking they can fracture or shatter. The best place for splitting a diamond is along one of its lines of cleavage as the crystal is know to have fewer chemical bonds on the plains of its octahedral face which allows for its perfect cleavage. Two of the most valued attributes of the diamond are its brilliance and luster, qualities obtained from the diamonds great ability to refract light. Light that passes through a diamond is reduced to approximately 77,000 mi... ...uses such as super electronics, indomitable optical windows, and un-scatchable surfaces, to many more things that have yet to be thought up. This mineral is definitely a very unique and diverse substance, unmatched by any known to man. So while the diamond may be appealing to the eye, this beauty is one with depth and purpose far beyond that which meets the eye. Bibliography Bonsor, Kevin. â€Å"How Diamonds Work.† HowStuffWorks. 1 Dec. 2004. â€Å"Diamond.† BambooWeb Dictionary: Open Content Encyclopedia. 1 Dec. 2004. "Diamond." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Online. 2004. Encyclopedia Britannica Premium Service. 4 Dec. 2004. . â€Å"The Nature of Diamonds.† American Museum of Natural History. 1 Dec. 2004.

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Psych Assignment

As an international student at JIM from Kuwait, I get a lot of follow-up questions and surprised looks when asked where I'm from. Over time, I have received a wide-range of questions but I am almost always asked about my experience Of living in an Arab country. This past weekend, someone jokingly asked me if my dad owned oil mines and camels in Kuwait, which got me thinking, is this because of the various stereotypes associated with the Arab community in America? Since ASSAI is an Indian association, it is obvious that membership is limited to those who are Indian.However, a distinct feature of the association is that many Indians on amp's believe that ASSAI is a separate clique, and you can only be a part of it if you have friends in the association already. A unique type of grouping is at play here; just being Indian is not sufficient to be a part of an Indian cultural organization. Some social psychology concepts that are applicable to this phenomenon include self-censorship, whic h is the tendency to withhold information or opinions in-group discussions.Evaluation apprehension, defined as people's concern about how they might appear in the eyes of others or, in other words, about being evaluated can be applied here as well. Identification is the perceived loss of individuality and personal responsibility that can occur when someone participates as part of a group. It can have both positive as well as negative effects, for instance, cause a person to be more likely to donate a large amount of money to charity, but also cause them to be more likely to engage in mob violence. Group cohesiveness is the strength of the liking and commitment group members have toward each other and to the group.The social psychology concept of stereotypes; generalizations about groups of people in which certain traits re assigned to virtually all members of the groups, regardless of actual variation among the members, is illustrated in the second phenomenon. In fact, a report titl ed â€Å"100 Years of Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim stereotyping† specifies the three B syndrome' (Bombers, belly dancers or billionaires) in the Arab community, in reference to Arab men being portrayed as terrorists or as wealthy oilmen and Arab women being portrayed as sex objects.Racism, defined as an individual's prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior toward people of a given race, is a feature of this phenomenon. Stereotype threat, which means being at risk of confirming, as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one's group, is a social psychological concept applied here too. Victims of stereotyping can suffer from attribution ambiguity, not knowing whether performance feedback is genuine or based on their group membership.One of my friends on board of ASSAI told me about how their board meetings worked: everyone seemed to agree to whatever the President had to say and this was very strange to her, since ideally they should discuss issues from every pos sible point view, rather Han a skewed, one-dimensional view in which people withhold their opinions. This sounded a lot like self-censorship to me. Evaluation apprehension is also relevant since choosing to be a part of it, or not, is almost completely based on how others will view you- whether you want to be a part of the ‘clique' of people that is ASSAI, or not.Most social organizations have many traits that make them conducive to identification. In the case of ASSAI, identification may not seem as extreme as fraternities or sororities in which members wear clothing marked with their â€Å"letters†, but strong drive towards group cohesiveness does exist. In fact, many Indians on campus actually believe that ASSAI is a ‘cult', a group of people that is always seen together, no matter what. Following the September 1 1, 2001 attacks in the United States, discrimination and reclaimed violence has markedly increased against Arab Americans.This is also reflected in co mmon stereotypes that Arabs are ‘barbaric, oil-rich sheikhs' or more extreme ones believing that all Arabs are terrorists/villains. In light of these, some Arabs suffer from stereotype threat, and hence they might hide their wealth or tatty because they are afraid of affirming a stereotype that exists about their group – that all Arabs are rich and Arab women are beautiful, and beauty is all they care about.Such actions might make them feel ashamed of something they should actually be proud of. Attribution ambiguity can lead Arabs to feel uncertainty about whether negative outcomes are due to discrimination against them or their own behavior. In comparison, they might discredit positive feedback as a form of sympathy rather than seeing it as the result of their ability and achievement.

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Maya Angelou Essay

As a woman you are created with a special gift, it’s like little extra ingredients that all women have within them. The poem â€Å"Phenomenal Woman† by Maya Angelou, she speaks about the elegance of a woman, her inner being the way she glow without saying a word Maya expressed how men are amazed by her presence â€Å"men themselves have wondered what they see in me† (line 31-32). It’s hard to put your finger on it all women were born with the power. In the poem â€Å"Still I rise† by Maya Angelou she described the struggles of life trials and tribulations you face in society and the way people may judge you. As if she was writing about a woman â€Å"does my sassiness upset you? †She also wrote in another stanza â€Å"does my sexiness upset you? †She used this comparison to show she is a sexy woman who demands respect. Maya’s attitude in this poem is portraying a confident black African American woman. She is really laughing at men challenging them. They cannot stop her from rising above all expectation. This poem gives you not only inspiration encouragement to be fearless; to the end of it all you must believe you still rise above it all. The title gives a sense of entity and power. This masterpiece the poem â€Å"phenomenal woman† has also empowered women to get more in touch with their inner beauty. Maya describes in great detail the mystery of women and the behavior of men and their reaction. It shows women to not only love your-self but to embrace every aspect of your mind, body and soul. Maya show that sexuality isn’t only related to outer beauty, or by the way you dress it more about how you feel within your own skin . she shows you instead of hating your body love it from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. In society today women enhances their body by doing plastic surgery to feel accepted. She feels inferior clearly stating that every part of a woman is beauty. In comparisons to â€Å"Phenomenal Woman† and â€Å"Still I Rise† both poems Maya speaks about not bowing to the â€Å"oppressor†. You can feel her compassion in every word in Phenomenal Woman â€Å"now you understand why my head’s not bowed† (lines 47). Still I Rise forth stanza â€Å"with head bowed and eyes lowered? †Within these lines she stresses that she will not conform to what society made her out to be, that she will soar above and beyond everyone expectations. The little gives a sense of entity and power. In conclusion these two poems have few similarities; Maya characterized the strength of an African American woman. By using powerful words she described the emotional aspect of inner beauty, standing proud professing no one will ever bring her down not by the color of her skin nor the fact of being a woman that there’s more within.

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The Best AP World History Notes to Study With

The Best AP World History Notes to Study With SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips AP World History is a fascinating survey of the evolution of human civilization from the beginning of recorded history to the present. Because it spans thousands of years and covers the rise and fall of countless empires and nations across the globe, it might seem like an overwhelming amount of information to remember for one test. This article will help you organize your studying more easily by providing links to online AP World History notes and advice on how to use those notesto structure and execute a successful study plan. How to Use These AP World History Notes The notes in this article will help you review all the information you need to know for the AP World History exam.If you’re missing any notes from class or are just looking for a more organized run-through of the curriculum, you can use them as a reference. During your first semester of AP World History, study the content in the notes that your class has already covered.I’d recommend conducting a holistic review of everything you’ve learned so far about once a month so that you don’t start to forget information from the beginning of the course. In the second semester, after you’ve made it through most of the course, you should use these notes in conjunction with practice tests. Taking (realistically timed) practice tests will help to verify that you’ve absorbed the information.After eachtest, assess your mistakes, and take note of where you came up short.Then, focus your studying on the notes that are most relevant to your weak content areas.Once you feel more confident, take and score another practice test to see if you’ve improved on your last score. You can repeat this process until you’re satisfied with your scores! Background: AP World History Themes The content for AP World History is divided into five themes that can be traced through six different historical eras.The five themes that will show up throughout the course and exam include: Theme 1: Interaction Between Humans and the Environment Theme 2: Development and Interaction of Cultures Theme 3: State-Building, Expansion, and Conflict Theme 4: Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of Economic Systems Theme 5: Development and Transformation of Social Structures You should examine all content through the lens of these themes. AP World History is mostly about identifying large trends that occur over long periods of time.In the next section, I’ll go through the six historical eras designated by the curriculum, each accompanied with links to online notes. Much like these gentlemen, AP World History is very trendy. Except AP World History would never wear that godawful scarf. AP World History Notes These notes are organized by the six major historical periods laid out in the curriculum.Most of the notes are derived from CourseNotes, which has detailed outlines that go over every chapter from the fourth edition of the textbook World Civilizations: The Global Experience. The only notes that don’t come from CourseNotes are the chapter notes for Period 1. I took them from theAPstudynotessite because it contains more detailed information on early human history.They come from a different textbook called Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, 3rd Edition.I’ve also included links to notes that cover broader thematic concepts within each period, which I’ve labeled as â€Å"overall notes" at the beginning of each of these sections. The biggest issue with all of these notes is that it can be hard to pick out key concepts. There are no bolded terms or summaries at the ends of the outlines. If you need a more engaging format to hold your attention, I'd recommend buying a review book instead or printing out the notes so you can highlight important points. Period 1: Technological and Environmental Transformations (Up to 600 BCE) Overall Notes for Periods 1 and 2 Textbook Chapter Notes: PreHistory Early Southwest Asian Societies and Indo-European Migrations Early African Societies and Bantu Migrations Early South Asian Societies Early East Asian Societies Early Societies in the Americas and Oceania Period 2: Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies (600 BCE - 600 CE) Textbook Chapter Notes: Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean (Greece and Rome) Classical Civilization in China Classical Civilization in India Development and Decline in the Classical Period (Pre-500 CE) Period 3: Regional and Transregional Interactions (600 CE - 1450) Overall Notes for Period 3 Textbook Chapter Notes: The Rise and Spread of Islam Abbasid Decline and Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia African Civilizations and Islamic Influence Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe American Civilizations Pre-European Contact Chinese Reunification and Renaissance Spread of Chinese Civilization in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam Mongolian Civilization and the Last Nomadic Challenges The Rise of the West and the Changing World Balance Period 4: Global Interactions (1450 - 1750) Overall Notes for Period 4 Textbook Chapter Notes: Growth of the World Economy Transformation of Europe The Rise of Russia Early Latin America African Civilizations and the Atlantic Slave Trade Muslim Empires Developments in Asia Period 5: Industrialization and Global Integration (1750 - 1900) Overall Notes for Period 5 Textbook Chapter Notes: Emergence of an Industrial Society in the West Industrialization and Imperialism Consolidation of Latin America Civilizations in Crisis: Ottoman Empire, Islamic Heartlands, and Qing China Russia and Japan: Industrialization Outside the West Period 6: Accelerating Global Change and Realignments (1900 - Present) Overall Notes for Period 6 Textbook Chapter Notes World War I and the Crisis of European Global Order Challenges to European Dominance in the 1920s Great Depression and Authoritarian Response World War II and the End of the European Global Order Western Society and Eastern Europe During the Cold War Latin American Upheavals African, Middle Eastern, and Asian Independence Movements and Revolutions Nation-Building in East Asia and the Pacific Rim Globalization at the Turn of the 21st Century You can also check out these helpful mini-outlines on each world region from CourseNotes.They give you the status of each region at different periods in history in the areas of politics, economics, social class/gender, scientific advances, art and culture, empire, and religion.There are outlines for Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, South Asia, the US, and Western Europe. Ah, the earth is such a beautiful and historic place! AP World History Study Tips Here are a few study tips that will help you prepare strategically for the exam. In addition to these tidbits of advice, you can check out this article witha longer list of the best study tips for this class. #1: We All Scream for Historical Themes I’m sure you’ve been screaming with delight throughout your entire reading of this article because the themes are so thrilling.Seriously, though, they’re super important for doing well on the final exam.Knowledge of specific facts about different empires and regions throughout history will be of little use on the AP test if you can’t weave that information together to construct a larger narrative. As you look through notes, think carefully about how everything connects back to the five major themes of the course. For example, if you're reading about the rise and spread of Islam in the 7th century, you should think about how this can be viewed in the context of Development and Interaction of Cultures. How did the spread of Islam impact cultural and political landscapes in the Middle East? What were its long-term effects on the region and why?If you get into this mode of thinking early, you’ll have an easier time writing high-quality essays on the final exam. #2: Practice Outlining Essays (Especially the DBQ) It’s critical to write well-organized, coherent essays on the AP test, but statistics indicate that a large majority of students struggle with this aspect of the exam.In 2015, the average score on the DBQ was just 3 out of 9 points - ouch.That means most students had trouble incorporating all the documents into their argument in a way that flowed logically.I guarantee that you can earn much more than 3 points on the DBQ and other essay questions if you consistently practice writing outlines that follow the directions and stay focused on the main topic. Try to becomea pro at planning out your ideas by the time the exam rolls around. #3: Know Your Chronology You don’t need to memorize a ton of exact dates, but you do need to be aware of the basic order in which major events happened in each region of the world.If someone tells you the name of an empire or dynasty, you should know which centuries it was active and what caused its rise and fall.Pay attention to the overall developments that occurred in world history during each period designated by the course.What types of contact were made between different regions? Where were trading networks established? What were the dominant powers? Multiple-choice and essay questions will ask you to focus on certain time periods and regions, so you should know the gist of what was going on at any given juncture. #4: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff It’s good to know that a certain (hypothetical) emperor was attempting to unify culturally disparate regions through a shared national identity in the 5th century.It’s not necessary to know the names of every single region in the empire and the exact dates when they were conquered. You're not expected to have aphotographic memory. AP World History is mostlyabout broad themes. You should still includea few specific details in your essays to back up your main points, but that's not nearly as important as showing a deep understanding of the progression of human history on a larger scale. Don't let yourself get to this point. In terms of sweating the small stuff, I mean. You can do crunches while you study if you want. Maybe you can create your own smash hit training program that helps people exercise and study for AP tests at the same time, and you'll be so rich you won't even have to go to college. You're welcome. Conclusion: How to Study With AP World History Notes A well-organized set of notes can help to ground your studying for AP World History. With so much content to cover, it's best to selectively revisit different portions of the course based on where you find the largest gaps in your knowledge. You can decide what you need to study based on which content areas cause you the most trouble on practice tests. Tips to keep in mind while studying the notes for this course include: Tip #1: Connect Facts Back to the Themes Tip #2: Practice Writing Essay Outlines Tip #3: Know the Basic Chronology of Events Tip #4: Don't Worry Too Much About Small Details If you meticulously comb through your mistakes and practice your essay writing skills regularly, you're on the right track to a great AP score! What's Next? What's a document-based question? How do you write a good response? Read this article to learn more about the most challenging question on the AP World History test! If you're taking AP World History during your freshman or sophomore year, check out this article for some advice on which history classes you should take for the rest of your time in high school. How many AP classes should you take over the course of your time in high school? This article will help you figure out how many AP classes you should take based on your goals and the course offerings at your school. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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The Effects of School Bullying on Middle School Students Attendance Dissertation

The Effects of School Bullying on Middle School Students Attendance - Dissertation Example Smith and Sharp assert that studies concerning teacher opinion show that school bullying involves â€Å"5-10 per cent of children as being bullied and about 5 per cent of children as bullying others† (1994, p. 5). They state that bullying is generally hidden from the school authorities because the bullied students and their peers hesitate in informing their teachers about the bully and start disappearing from school which lowers their attendance (Jimerson & Furlong, 2006, p.310). Bullying students are normally very sociable and bold without any idea of shame or guilt; whereas, the bullied ones are already very shy and unsure which makes the overall idea of going to school and attending classes disagreeable. A bullied student may suffer from hypertension, freight, loneliness, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, low grades and suicidal attempts. The National Association of School Psychologists (as cited in Shore, p. 5) estimates that â€Å"160,000 children miss school every da y for fear of being bullied†. Besides bullied students, bullying creates bad effects on the observers of bullying as well. Since, bullying creates a fearful environment in schools, students who watch someone being bullied may tend to turn away from their classes, feel guilty for not stopping it or may even be tempted to participate and support the bullying students. In short, bullying inflicts long lasting adverse effects on the victim and should be considered seriously by school authorities so that necessary interventions are made (Dixon & Smith, 2011, p.34), because according to Smith and Sharp (1994, p.64), when successful interventions and policies are designed to counter school bullying, it improves â€Å"pupil achievement and attendance over time.† Samdal et al. (1997) studied how the middle school students’ judgment and perception of school affected their academic performance, attendance and school satisfaction.

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Risk Assessment in Leroy Merlin hypermarket in Swidnica Essay

Risk Assessment in Leroy Merlin hypermarket in Swidnica - Essay Example The paper tells that the goal of safety management in organizations and the development of Safety Management Systems (SMSs) is the achievement of peak safety performance. This means no operational incidents, no personal injuries, and no harm to the environment. This therefore enhances the safety of the employees in any organization. This study location; Leroy Merlin hypermarket in Swidnica is still some way from achieving this goal. Tools such as the SMSs undoubtedly help compliance with rules but they do not necessarily improve safety environment. There is an ordinary recognition in this company that encouraging safe working performance does not require more rules, regulations, and procedures. Instead, the company needs a better comprehension of the social and organizational aspects that foster professionalism and emergency situations. Original attempts to improve workplace safety and or reduce risks, focused on the mechanical and engineering aspects of the company’s systems. The focus widened as the role of human error became more evident. Human mistakes were blamed for the safety culture in workplace areas. The absence of a safety culture in any organization is the significant contributor to the disaster, and potential hazards. Thus, safety culture can be defined as â€Å"That assembly of facets and attitudes in companies and individuals which establishes that, as an overriding priority, safety issues receive the attention warranted by their significance†.